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Specialising in personal harmonizing and chakra balancing
through integrated Yoga & Reiki

Casa Blanca Yoga & Reiki Therapy Centre is located in southern Spain near the small village of Arboleas, in the province of Almeria, Andalucia. Our aim is to provide our clients with relaxing surroundings and dedicated Yoga & Reiki therapy. With a vast amount of experience we offer Yoga and Reiki sessions tailored to the individuals needs.
Featured in the Good Retreat Guide (6th Edition)

The combination of Yoga and Reiki is very effective and powerful, all our guests leave feeling rejuvenated, balanced and energized.

Reiki & Yoga Retreat Open 2021 All Year Round

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Meditation Garden

The Casa Blanca Yoga & Reiki Therapy Centre is surrounded by orange and lemon groves and views of the mountains. This combined with the amazing weather, this is tranquility at itīs best! Situated in an ideal location the "Casa Blanca Yoga & Reiki Retreat" really is as beautiful as it sounds and was featured in the 6th edition of the good retreat guide. Feel free to visit and take full advantage of our Yoga & Reiki facilities.

Casa Blanca Yoga Reiki Retreat
Casa Blanca

Casa Blanca is a traditional Spanish  manor house built over 150 years ago and was lived in by the same family up until 1994. We discovered the house in 2002 and instantly recognized it´s potential for our therapy centre due to it´s lay-out and character. The photo below is the view from the side of the property.

The Yoga Studio has a unique, calming, healing and spiritual ambience.

New For January 2021
All Inclusive De-Stressing Therapeutic Breaks
Including Almeria Airport Transfers
Accommodation, Vegetarian Meals, Yoga Twice A Day,
 Reiki Healing Sessions & A Visit To The Saliente Monastery



Therapy Center View From Side
Panoramic Side View From The Therapy Centre
(Almeria Province Spain)

Andalucia is a unique area of southern Spain with many ancient Moorish forts and breathtaking landscapes. In such idyllic settings the Casa Blanca Retreat is ideal not only for a relaxing holiday, but perfect for those seeking a totally new and enlightening experience.

Reiki Retreat Local Area Spain
Baza Lakes (Andalucia Southern Spain Local Area)

Casa Blanca Yoga & Reiki Retreat Comments

Some recent comments (extracted from our guest book) are shown below
For more comments see our comments page

Dear Liz and Paul
Excellent teaching, excellent Reiki, excellent cooking, excellent company and an excellent home. Nothing short of wonderful! We leave here much more bendy, healthy and relaxed than we came. Thanks for your great hospitality! We will let you know how we get on, until we meet again.
Much love Stef & Margreet 19th October 2016.

Dear Liz and Paul
I feel relaxed, chilled, happy, grounded, healthy and many, many more beautiful positive feelings after only 3 nights at your welcoming home. Thank you for the kindness, love, care, attention and joy you have both afforded me in abundance during my stay. Much love and joy.
Frank xxx 27th June 2016.

Dear Liz and Paul
Thank you once again for an amazing time-it has been so relaxing and refreshing! See you soon I am sure and stay as wonderful as you are.
Love Anja. 28th March 2016

Dear Liz & Paul
I would like to thank you both for the amazing few days/nights that I spent with you. I admit that the first evening I thought, what have I done, maybe a Reiki/Yoga retreat just is not for me.This was due to all the manic energy circulating my body and many blockages built up living in London-UK. By the afternoon of the second day, I became more relaxed, positive and uplifted. I realised just how unrelaxed I had been. Before visiting I had built up many blocks within my sacral, solar-plexus, heart and thymus. The heart/sacral caused me continuous issues, including tightness of the back, stagnant energy and acid reflux. I practice crystal healing but to no avail. Pauls reiki was amazing and blockages that were so rigid were released. To finally get the chakras to release was the icing on the cake. I have waited so long for a healer to be able to achieve release. Lizzies yoga knowledge is so extensive. It is the first time in my life that I have had a tailor-made yoga regime.Amazing YOGA, REIKI, VEGETARIAN FOOD. I have been given a yoga programme to continue with back in London. Cannot wait to come back.
Love Tracy Om! xxx. 9th November 2015

Yoga Dog Stretch With TwistYoga SplitsYoga Forward Bend With A TwistYoga Side Forward BendYoga Spread Leg Stretch Sitting

Yoga Days For January 2021 Every Tuesday 10.30am - 4.00pm

 • Yoga practice          • Delicious lunch on the terrace            • Yoga breathing and relaxation techniques

Casa Blanca is a perfect location for an enjoyable day out, with wonderful views in a relaxing and calming environment.

Yoga PracticeYoga Practice 2Reiki Practitioner

More Information About The Casa Blanca Yoga & Reiki Therapy Centre

Casa Blanca Yoga & Reiki Therapy Centre Arboleas, Albox, Province of Almeria, Andalucia Southern Spain

Casa Blanca Yoga retreat View From A DistanceCasa Blanca Yoga Reiki Location Arboleas Spain

Casa Blanca offers weekend, five nights and one week retreats in a calming and beautiful environment. A retreat at Casa Blanca includes twice daily Yoga, Reiki Healing sessions and sound therapy. Other activities include a choice of the following:

Souther Spain Sunset After a Hard Days YogaSpanish Beach Near Reiki Therapy CentreVolcanic SpaSaliente Monastery

To see information about the accommodation we provide and the local area, please follow the links at the top of this page. Hiring a car for part or all of your holiday gives you added freedom to explore on your own.

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