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Specialising in personal harmonizing and chakra balancing
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Casa Blanca Reiki Therapy Centre is located close to Albox, Southern Spain near the small village of Arboleas, in the province of Almeria, Andalucia. Our aim is to provide our clients with relaxing surroundings and dedicated Reiki therapy. With a vast amount of experience we offer Reiki sessions tailored to the individuals needs.

Reiki & Yoga Retreat Open October 2020 All Year Round

Casa Blanca Reiki Therapy Centre


Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is generally translated from Japanese as "Universal Life Force". The 'rei' meaning Spirit/Soul/Universal God-Goddess and the 'ki' referring to the energy force - the breath of life.
Reiki is a simple, natural healing method, which is holistic in its approach. Once you have been opened up to become a channel for Reiki, this wonderful universal life energy will flow from your hands of its own accord and will stay with you for the rest of your life, whether you use it constantly or not. Reiki energy is utilised by the receiver on many levels and as a therapist you are purely the 'channel' through which this cosmic energy is transmitted.
There is no special faith or belief required to practice Reiki. People of many, faiths and religions, philosophies and ideologies use it with great success.

History of Reiki

So what is life force, this life force, this Love force... and how did it come about?
The “laying on of hands” form of healing can be traced back thousands of years. Reiki was originally developed as a system to raise ones consciousness. The Reiki symbols used by Reiki Masters in the fine tunings and taught in the Reiki second degree classes were created for use as a system of meditation used by Tibetan Lamas. The symbols were meditated upon by the initiate, the idea being, to implant the symbols deep within the subconscious mind through concentration, thus raising the consciousness and heightening awareness, whilst purification of the mind and body occurred. The Tibetan holy men designed the symbols to remind people of the divine power in their daily lives.

Reiki was rediscovered in the middle of the nineteenth century by Dr Miokao Usui who was the principle of a Christian Seminary in Kyoto Japan. He was questioned one day by his student at his seminary about the “laying on of hands” healing method practised by Jesus and his disciples. They asked why it was not being used and could Dr Usui heal in this manner. As he was unable to give them any satisfactory answers, he decided to travel to a Christian country and study there, with the intention of gaining an answer to his pupil’s questions.
Dr Usui journeyed to America, where he became a Doctor of theology but even after all this training he found that his quest was still not answered, so he travelled on. He visited Northern India and China hoping to find the answer in Holly Writings, however no answers were forthcoming.  He eventually returned to Japan where he found some symbols in ancient manuscripts, which seemed to hold the answers he was seeking. Dr Usuri was now living in a monastery in Kyoto and decided to go to the Holy mountain of Kuriyama close by, to meditate and fast, with the hope of discovering the true meaning of these symbols.

Dr Usui spent twenty one days on the mountain but until the day of his departure he had discovered nothing about the symbols.  At dawn on the last day he had, what could be described as a “psychic experience”. He saw a shining light speeding towards him, it grew larger until in eventually hit him in the forehead.

He was very afraid, but within the great white light before him he saw the symbols again in myriads of rainbow coloured bubbles and he suddenly realised that he knew their meaning and how to use them.
It was some time later before he returned to a normal state of consciousness and with his new found information exciting him greatly, he rushed down the mountain. During his downward rush, he stubbed his toe badly, so he sat down and held his bleeding toe in his hands for a short time. The pain and bleeding stopped completely and he was able to complete his decent from the mountain feeling full of strength and energy.

At the base of the mountain there was an inn used by people who had completed their retreats on Mt Kuriyama. Normally they would order a very small simple meal to renew their strength but Dr Usui ordered “The Works”. He was warned that this was foolish after fasting for so long, but he insisted and ate the lot with none of the expected problems occurring.
The inn keepers daughter was in agony with toothache and Dr Usui was asked if he might lay his hands on the girls face and to everybody’s delight she was healed. Dr Usui moved to the beggar city in the slums of Kyoto to treat the beggars so that they would be able to lead better lives. He spent seven years there treating many illnesses. He began to notice the same faces re-appearing and when he questioned them as to why they had progressed in life, he was told that it took too much effort to improve their lifestyle and that it was easier to continue begging.
He continued his work in Kyoto monastery and taught Reiki there. One of his pupils Dr Chijiro Hayashi (the second Reiki Grand Master) opened a private Reiki clinic in Tokyo, where particularly severe diseases could be treated by “round the clock” Reiki treatments. Often the patient would be treated by several Reiki practitioners at once.
It was to this clinic that Mrs Hawayo Takata (Third Reiki Grand Master) was directed to, when she arrived in Japan in search of healing. She was a Hawaiian born Japanese window who was suffering from several serious illnesses.

She received daily treatment for several months and was complexly cured. Once she had recovered her health, she begged to be taught Reiki as until then it was taught only to me. She eventually became a pupil of Dr Hayashi and trained with him for a year. Several years later, on a trip to Hawaii, Dr Hayashi made her a Reiki master and on his death in 1941 she succeeded him as Grand Master. Hawayo Takata worked with Reiki on Hawaii for many years and when she was in her seventies, trained 22 more Reiki Masters before passing at the age of 80. From these Reiki Masters Reiki as become a recognised therapy worldwide.


Reiki Healing Sessions And Reiki Courses all levels

The Reiki practitioner has been attuned and trained to channel the universal life force and direct it towards the benefit of the receiver which stimulates their own body´s healing system, thus acting towards the restoration of harmony. Reiki is a gentle non-intrusive therapy and most receivers become relaxed and even fall asleep sometimes. Reiki can have the following benefits :-

Strengthens the immune system.
Supports the body's natural ability to heal itself.
Revitalises, re-establishes equilibrium and mental well-being.
Balances the body´s energies, loosens up blocked energy.
Promotes a state of total relaxation.
Cleanses the body of poisons.

Most receivers experience a marked increase in energy and stamina in their daily lives. Reiki practitioners do not use any of their personal energy in the treatment.

Your Practitioner - Paul Rosin

Paul was born in Germany and his interests in metaphysical subjects started at the age of 20. He looked into a number of western esoteric traditions and did not come across any path that suited him.  In 1973 Paul moved to Holland. Whilst he was living there, a close friend introduced him to the book of changes, known as the I Ching. He became fascinated with this and has been working with the I Ching ever since. Paul regards the I Ching as a trusted advisor and spiritual friend. He offers consultations for personal guidance.
In 1977 Paul moved to the north east of Scotland where he worked in the oil industry for a number of years. In 1988 Paul met Liz while working on a heritage preservation project and immediately felt they had a future together. When the projects ended Paul enrolled into collage course in photography, which he had always had a keen interest in.  All the photos on the Casablanca Yoga & Reiki Therapy Centre website were taken by Paul!

In 2001 Paul was introduced to Reiki when one of Lizs horses was unwell. A local Reiki Master was consulted to treat the horse. Paul standing at the stable could feel the Reiki energy. He was amazed by the transformation the Reiki treatment had produced in the horse. Paul felt here was a method where any spiritual abilities could be used for the benefit of anyone in need. The Reiki Master agreed to take Paul on as a pupil and in January, March and August 2002 Paul completed the 3 levels of Usui Reiki. Paul’s teacher felt that Paul could complete the three levels in less than a year due to his previous studies. In November 2002 Paul and Liz purchased Casa Blanca in the Almeria Province, Andalucía, Southern Spain, so they could offer their services in a warmer climate.

Pauls Reiki treatments are gentle yet powerful, effective and very relaxing. His aim in a treatment is to balance harmonize and heal a client on their, mental, emotional and physical level.  As Master / Teacher Paul is offering Reiki 1 2 & 3 courses by appointment or integrated with a residential retreat.

"What’s the best thing to do???  That’s simple – Do your best and everything else will fall into place."

Casa Blanca is a perfect location for an enjoyable day out, with wonderful views in a relaxing and calming environment.

Reiki Practitioner

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Casa Blanca Reiki Therapy Centre Arboleas, Albox, Province of Almeria, Andalucia Southern Spain

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