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Extracts From Our Visitors Book Page 2 :-

Lovely Liz and Paul:
Thank you for a wonderful and relaxing retreat. I enjoyed every minute of my time here and with you. Thank you Liz for being so warm and kind, and being by my side at my first yoga experience.You made the experience very enjoyable. Thank you for Paul for the lovely meals and reiki sessions.It really brought joy and balance to me. I came here 4 days ago after a long and stressful time in mylife. Your home and retreat brought balance and happiness to my soul. Thank you for looking after me this week. I look forward to continue my yoga and I hope I can see you again.
Much love


This is the first "yoga" holiday I have ever experienced and it has been a great "experience" in patience, focus not mind, believing in the benefits and trusting the wisdom of the teacher. I do now feel that
with practice I could turn my body back into what it should be... relaxed and balanced!! The care given by Liz and Paul in their beautiful house with every meal made with care and love has been second to none.
Many, many thanks Wendy X


Dear Liz and Paul,
Thank you so much for an extremely enlightening week in so many ways. Learning yoga for the benefit and focusing on my weak areas was so beneficial. Liz, you are an excellent yoga teacher, so informative, knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. Thank you for such benefit! Thank you Paul for re balancing and grounding my chakras and giving me more energy again. The food was excellent, you are both so warm, generous people and I thank you for a beautiful week, one I will have lots of memories of Om shanti and namaste.
Val Neenan (from Ireland!)


I´ve thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from my retreat. I came here stressed and tired, so the timing could not have been better. It´s been a real privilege to have received such personal attention. Liz´s patience, sensitivity and perseverance has helped me improve my flexibility in just a few days, and Paul´s reiki sessions have been enormously calming and relaxing. For someone as "zappy" and impatient as me, its been ever so beneficial. Having had some quiet time too, has allowed me to reflect on some of my family and work issues, getting some perspective on these. I wish you both Liz and Paul, every success and happiness for the future. You make an amazing team.
Thank you!
Kitty Sewell


Great place to stay. Complete relaxation, every day just went from yoga class to sunbathing to lovely lunches to siesta to sunbathing to yoga (or reiki) to pool to dinner...beautiful views over orange and olive groves in the valley and mountains in the distance. Liz and Paul organised a couple of trips - to the local volcanic roman spa with many healing properties and the nearest beach. But if you don´t want to there is no need to move... at all. Yoga classes - either one to one or in groups - top quality and more therapy than simple exercise. Within days we were able to do things never achieved before. Inspiring... I wish I could find a teacher like Liz in London. The reiki very powerful - both healing and restorative, releasing pent-up emotions and doing my injured elbow the power of good. We had never had reiki before... quite an experience. We returned home toned, relaxed and whole. We will be back.
Thank you so much.
Chris, London


Dear Liz and Paul,
Thank you so much for the heart warming stay at your lovely place. I really enjoyed it all: The yoga classes, alone with Liz and with the other "ladies", the reiki, the nicest and tastiest veggie meals Paul made with love, and just taking a rest, and being. I will never look at yoga in the same way again, it is now about so much more than "just" practice - Thanks to the both of you for helping my chakra´s open up, and easing my mind. I will take that with me for the period to come, and beyond. I will remember your genuine well being!
A very warm thank you, and good luck with everything.
Léontine Crisson, The Hague, NL.


Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and yoga and reiki again. We have had a wonderful few days and will return home determined to keep up our yoga practice. We both feel so much better.
All thevery best wishes for your future journey.
Love Hilary and Jo (our second visit)


It has been such a pleasure spending the last 5 days with you. I really needed to get away and become one withthe roots and rocks. The universe led me here and I am so much more in balance. I have experienced the sensations of my chakras and have seen the most beautiful indigo light in my third eye. Thank you for grounding and healing me. You are both very special people and I wish you the very best on your journey ahead. Paul, you are a great chef! I love your curries!!!
Love and light, Wendy.


I came to Casa Blanca two weeks after Keyhole surgery on my knee unable to straighten or bend my leg at all. After four days of personalised yoga, powerful Reiki, meditation, singing bowls and great food, I am now walking completely normally and able to get into all sorts of positions and enjoy movement again after months of being on crutches. I truly recommend anyone to come here for a relaxing break especially if you have any physical or emotional imbalance that needs fixing. Take the time to invest in yourself and enjoy the olives!
Heloise from Barcelona


Casa Blanca offers a truly unique experience; highly experienced therapists providing personal programs in a cosy home setting. Any weakness great or small is lovingly coaxed better whether of the body, mind or heart. This retreat is for anyone in need of positive, loving attention and to get back on track. Thank you so much.
Vanessa from Lísbon


To Liz and Paul
Thanks so much for being everything and more I had hoped for, when I was searching for that special place to get some "me" time. You have helped me to get back a true sense of what I am really about. Thanks to your careful and thoughtful individual programme of yoga and Reiki, I feel energised more than I thought would be possible, after having been through a very dark couple of months in my life. Liz, you are a wonderful teacher, who intuitively knows what a person needs for their mind, body and soul. I have felt a real progression in my physical asanas, but more importantly in my ability to heal myself through the positive chakra work and hence the power of my own mind. I now feel the benefits as never before, thank you. Paul, the Reiki has opened me up to a much more positive vibration - I don't know how you do it, but it works! A new energy and optimism is charging through me, and I know I can take my energy found into my life back in the U.K. The combination of your two personalities made this a wonderful, inspiring and faith restoring week. You are both blessed with compassion and humour. I have thoroughly enjoyed our chats around the dinner table, and in the garden, by "my chair" and in the car driving to the mountains. Our picnic was delightful, as was out drive to the monastery. The food was delicious, thank you both so much. I couldn't have wished for a better retreat and for better company. I will miss you, but will take take a little bit of Casa Blanca back with me and into my home.
Good luck with everything you do and I shall tell everyone I know about this haven of tranquility.
Much love Moria


Dear Liz and Paul,
Thank you both for a wonderful holiday, expert instruction and such peaceful surroundings. Kindest regards.


Dear Liz and Paul
Thank you for your time, patience, generosity and love the past five days. I´ve got so much more from this beautiful retreat then I ever thought I would. I will go back to London fitter, lighter, energised and of course with a better posture! I will be looking forward to practicing the yoga programme you have given me and all the recipes! I'm so glad I stumbled across your best kept secret retreat in Spain.
Eleonora xxx


Dear Liz and Paul
As you know we had 3 retreats to choose from and both Shirley and I felt yours was the right one for us. I am already speaking in the past tense with the tumour. I felt with both Reiki and yoga I have now been able to "open up" and release so much. Your hospitality has been amazing. We have been able to do the sightseeing trips as well as concentrate on the therapies. My doctor will be so amazed that I don't need to take my Thyroxine and so will my
homeopath. You are two very special people.
With love and blessings
Marilyn xxx


Dear Liz and Paul
As I leave today from your beautiful spiritual retreat what can I say, thank you, thank you, thank you! What a wonderful team you are! I have just spent a week with you both. You exude love, kindness, warmth, compassion, honesty, truthfulness, trustworthiness and gentleness. I feel so privileged to have been at the receiving end of it all, and that our paths have crossed. I feel so happy, grounded and positive, in such a short time. Thank you both for sharing your gifts. What a wonderfully warm welcome\reception I got. The accommodation and food were just beautiful.
Thank you both for having me at your Yoga, Reiki, and spiritual retreat and your home.
Caitriona Ireland.


In June we took advantage of the great short break deal and spent a glorious 4 and a half days relaxing and being pampered byLiz and Paul. They are an incredibly generous and kind couple who give freely of their time, knowledge, expertise and their beautiful home. We went from one blissful experience to the next from yoga to dipping in the pool to delicious food to Reiki, then back to yoga and delicious food and another cycle of delights. Caroline arrived with back problems and a prolapsed disc. Through Liz's thoughtful teaching and personalised programmes she soon regained her confidence in yoga and reached new levels of flexibility, the Reiki complemented this perfectly and we both left feeling transformed and rejuvenated!
Caroline Lloyd and Carol Kearney.


Dear Liz & Paul
You have created something unique and very special at Casa Blanca. My week here has been truly memorable and genuinely therapeutic. I have learned much; I feel taller, stronger, calmer and more aware. My Yoga practice is now on another level. Between you, you have helped me become grounded, centred and open. At the same time, you have been kind, generous and attentive hosts
thank you.
Love & respect Gary


Dear Liz and Paul
Thank you so much for a wonderful week, where I learned the wonders of yoga and re-learned how to trust myself, and others, and the world around me. I will miss you both (and the five four legged friends) very much when I am back in London, but all I have to do is breathe and the smells of oranges, Paul's wonderful cooking, the gentle voice of Liz and the wonderful view, will back with me in an instant. Please keep in touch and I will be back
That pigeon hasn't beaten me yet!
Lots of love, Michelle, London


Dearest Liz and Paul
From being so unbalanced, unenergised, ungrounded, locked up, I now feel more complete than I have done in the last 2 -3 months. Your yoga Liz has helped unlock my body greatly and your way of teaching is so unique. My yoga experience with you has been the best I have had in the last 28 years of my life. My body and I are grateful that I feel free again. Liz and Paul you are truly compassionate, and share your knowledge and love with those that come, not once have I felt uncomfortable staying with you, but felt loved, cared for and now re-balanced.


The last four days have been an experience I will never forget, and as the I Ching said you need a retreat! I have got that and more. I have loved the way you have accepted me for who I am and me for you. There has been no pressure and everything has been gentle, a steady flow of self grounding and awareness. Between the two of you, you make unique therapists and loving beings. You have a special home and retreat here. I have enjoyed every second of it. You both will always have a place in my heart. May others experience and open themselves, to what I have felt and experienced here. See you both again, in Spain, in Brighton or Australia. Love and light.
Vasu xx


It´s been the holiday I´d been looking for :- a very warm spanglish atmosphere, yoga practice adapted to my needs and my pace, something completely new : Reiki. I have had 5 fabulous days with Liz and Paul, excellent food, a lot of fun. In short : I´ll be back here!
Maria from Germany


Yoga with Liz has helped keep me balanced and positive. I feel healthier now and more supple than I have for some years. Paul´s healing hands in the form of Reiki have also proved to be a blessing and quite astonishing. This is a phenomenal place, A place of serenity and happiness. I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.
Desley Patterson from Spain.


Thank you very much, you made me feel very welcome in your home. I enjoyed the time, daily yoga, having reiki and just relaxing in the sun, or on a drive through the mountains. I was very exhausted when I arrived and could rechargemyself and find some peace. I will take your energy and advice with me. I wish you all the best for the future, and that your plans are going to work out, also for your trip next year. Enjoy your dream What a unique and uplifting experience meeting Liz and joining with her for Yoga practice. With her gentle ability to show such kindness and compassion, she encourages and every class is a very joyful and uplifting experience.
Liz thank you so much
Cynthia Chilton xx from Spain.


Meeting Liz and practicing yoga has helped me enormously, to settle in Spain, not be so quick tempered and to be focused. I enjoy every lesson and I am very grateful to be part of those classes. Margaret Flowers from Spain


Thank you so much Liz and Paul for the time I spent with you.
I have got a lot more than I expected, such as my own yoga programme to help me with my body and health. I promise to hold onto it as much as I can. Thank you for the wonderful yoga and Reiki, the tastybfood and for taking me on trips to see things in the region. I love your place, the setting and the swing in the garden. I would like to stay here much longer. Thank you for being you and good luck with everything in the future. You have done amazing work with the house and to get where you are.
All the best
Tuula from Sweden


Dear Liz and Paul
Thank you for the yoga and the Reiki but also for your amazing welcoming hospitality. I leave with Liz's special recommended yoga poses, to help me stop walking like a duck and lots of positive energy from both of you. I hope to continue to practise the programme you made up for me and let you know my progress.
Thank you again and all the best


Thank you for making me feel at home, this was a wonderful retreat. I was able to relax, learn, be happy and recharge with good energy to go on with my daily life. Liz you have a gift to read peoples bodies and work with the weaknesses to make them stronger, you are unique and I admire your dedication to your practice, you inspired me to go on deeper in my journey of yoga. After this retreat I know what kind of asanas are the ones I need to focus on for my personal needs. Thank you.
Paul: Thank you for my Reiki session and I felt immensely relaxed and recharged, Your place is full of love.
Priscilla Mexico


I am writing a book on body and soul adventures, to be published by footprint in spring. To be sold worldwide, this will be a guidebook to the best holidays and places to stay throughout the world where one can retreat, restore, relax and replenish mind, body and soul. We would very much like to feature your place in the book. I would like to know if you would be able to host a researcher so they can find out more about you. If so my boyfriend and a researcher for the book, Thomas Jones, will be in your area in
With many thanks and best wishes.
Caroline Sylge.


My week is almost over and I would like to stay for longer. I will take all of this back home with me and it will get me through the winter. I really feel so calm and relaxed and it is all due to this beautiful house and Liz and Paul. They have been so kind to me and they are a lovely couple, so caring and dedicated to what they do. I wish them well for the future, they both deserve it. Liz has taught me to work my body and I feel much more confident and strong in myself. The Reiki which Paul has given me has brought out a lot of pain, now I can deal with it. I love you both and god bless.
Bridie Dublin


I´ve just had one blissful week of Yoga, Reiki, meditation (my own), amazing gourmet vegetarian food and lovely trips into the mountains, to markets and the coast. All in a beautiful house in a beautiful location with 2 lovely people! Liz and Paul are very talented people with a great sense of fun and a lot of warmth to give people. Added bonuses were Sinbad and Sheba, the cats who snuggled on my lap and fluffy dog, big dog and little Jipita, the dogs who live down the road a bit. I came here looking for a calming retreat and this is exactly what I got. I feel relaxed and happy. My soul has been fed. Thank you very much for everything Liz & Paul. I hope to see you again in the not too distant future!
Carol xxx West Yorkshire.


I have practiced Yoga on and off for 8 years and practice about twice a week in London. After spending a weekend retreat I have gained such valuable insight into my body and the Yoga that Liz teaches. After all these years Liz is the first teacher to address my weakness in my lower back and hips and give me valuable help and advice to work on these areas. She also has given me the enthusiasm to go and practice more to help overcome the problem areas. The lovely surroundings of Casa Blanca also make the stay even more special and Paul's Reiki is an amazing experience. I would definitely come back again and recommend the centre to friends,
I look forward to coming back, thank you Liz and Paul for making it so special!
Natalie Hudson London


My mother and I spent a week at Liz and Paul's home. They opened their doors and their hearts to us with kindness, generosity and humour! Liz's Yoga is an experience of her passion for life, her enthusiasm and positive energy will be a constant supply of support. Paul's Reiki in combination with the Yoga is a powerful complement to harmonizing every aspect of the human spirit. I've seen my mother has literally transformed into a more relaxed and regenerated person, all in one week!!! All I can say is prepare for nothing less than wonderful!!
Thank you, always Casey (Granada)


Liz and Paul are wonderful hosts and with Yoga and Reiki tailored to my specific needs I felt energised and alive as well as relaxed and peaceful. They have carefully restored their lovely casa and kept the original features making it a very traditional Spanish home. With the tranquil setting and lovely food this has been the perfect de-stress holiday which will keep me feeling good for a long time after I go
Thank you, Kay xx


Meeting Paul and Liz and benefiting from both Yoga and Reiki has been one of the nicest things about being in Spain. It's been a real treat to discover both physical and mental well being through the combination of positive thinking and continual movement. Lots of things have been learnt that I can transfer to all aspects of my life.
Thank you Liz and Paul. X


I met Liz a couple of months ago, Liz has been the only person to relax me in minutes, which I haven't been able to do in years. Thank you very much for all the the help you have given me, I have really appreciated it. Yoga has given me a new lease of life. I had a bad accident a few years ago, fracturing my spine. I am now completely pain free and extremely flexible, Liz is a wonderful and inspiring yoga teacher. Liz is a ray of sun and lots of fun. A delightful teacher, always encouraging and gives confidence to us geriatrics. Thank you so much for your kind and patient yoga instruction. Dear Liz and Paul. On behalf of myself and Veronica, I would like to thank you for your hospitality and my Reiki session with Paul when we visited on our visit to Spain. You have a lovely therapy centre. I would like to thank you again for a lovely afternoon and wish you both well.
Hope to see you again some time.

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