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Extracts From Our Visitors Book :-

A Sample Of Comments From the Last 24 Months

19th October 2016

Dear Liz and Paul, Excellent teaching, excellent Reiki, excellent cooking, excellent company and an excellent home. Nothing short of wonderful! We leave here much more bendy, healthy and relaxed than we came. Thanks for your great hospitality! We will let you know how we get on, until we meet again.

Much love Stef & Margreet

date palm in spain

27th June 2016

Dear Liz and Paul, I feel relaxed, chilled, happy, grounded, healthy and many, many more beautiful positive feelings after only 3 nights at your welcoming home. Thank you for the kindness, love, care, attention and joy you have both afforded me in abundance during my stay. Much love and joy.

Frank xxx

carob tree with hammock

28th March 2016

Dear Liz and Paul, Thank you once again for an amazing time-it has been so relaxing and refreshing! See you soon I am sure and stay as wonderful as you are.

Love Anja.

traditional Spanish features

9th November 2015

Dear Liz & Paul, I would like to thank you both for the amazing few days/nights that I spent with you. I admit that the first evening I thought, what have I done, maybe a Reiki/Yoga retreat just is not for me.This was due to all the manic energy circulating my body and many blockages built up living in London-UK. By the afternoon of the second day, I became more relaxed, positive and uplifted. I realised just how unrelaxed I had been. Before visiting I had built up many blocks within my sacral, solar-plexus, heart and thymus. The heart/sacral caused me continuous issues, including tightness of the back, stagnant energy and acid reflux. I practice crystal healing but to no avail. Pauls reiki was amazing and blockages that were so rigid were released. To finally get the chakras to release was the icing on the cake. I have waited so long for a healer to be able to achieve release. Lizzies yoga knowledge is so extensive. It is the first time in my life that I have had a tailor-made yoga regime.Amazing YOGA, REIKI, VEGETARIAN FOOD. I have been given a yoga programme to continue with back in London. Cannot wait to come back.

Love Tracy Om! xxx

Yoga Retreat Drive Way

28th April 2015

Dear Liz & Paul, Thankyou so much for your warm hospitality, from the moment I walked in, to the very last moment I departed. My stay at your lovely home has been a wonderful tonic and absolutely what I needed. You both truly take care of the whole person and were able to give me a personalised experience that was just right for me! I have also enjoyed your Special home and gardens, taken in the beauty of the setting, the warmth of the sun, the fragrance of air, being nourished by the delicious food and appreciated all the thoughtful arrangements..... all of this done with kindness and love. I leave with many gifts, for which I thank you both.

xx Noeline.

Casablnca Yoga Reiki Retreat Terrace

31st January 2015

Dear Liz & Paul, Thank you from the bottom of my heart (now healed!!) for your loving kindness, expertise and positive energy. My week at Casa Blanca has truly helped me to heal old wounds and ground myself. I could not have done it without your help. You are true healers.

With lots of love and positive energy

Doors in the yoga center

29th June 2014

Dear Liz & Paul, Thank you so much for an amazing time and making me feel at home in your home! I never thought I would be able to become this relaxed and energized that soon, but after my stay with you I feel so much more grounded and happier and ready to take on Londons stressful life again. I am very glad that I could extend my 5 day stay by another 3 days and will for sure be back! Thanks for being so flexible, understanding and caring and of course amazing Yoga and Reiki practitioners.

Thanks so much for everything!!
and see you soon! Anja

Sit Quietly In Casa Blanca

15th June 2014

A perfect time, in a perfect place, with perfect people. I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, knowledge and friendship. You are both wonderful, thank you again for sharing your beautiful space, energy and knowledge.

All my love Clair xxxxx

Casa Blanca Traditional Features

February 2014

Dear Liz and Paul. I cannot thank you both enough for the truly wonderful stay here in your beautiful home. I have learnt so much in the 5 days and am leaving a more relaxed and positive person. It was my first experience of Reiki, and I am so happy that I have had this experience. Thank you Paul! The yoga has helped me no end, with my posture, my back, my meditation, and I will continue to practice it at home. Thank you Liz! I feel inspired by you and will take the positive energy I have found here and use it in my life ahead.

Om Shanti


Upstairs At Casa Blanca

January 2014

Dear Liz & Paul. Thank you so much for the caring and loving environment that I was allowed to spend a week in. You are truly amazing people; skilled, attentive, generous and humourous. It is special to be your centre of attention. Thanks for all the positivity and the faith you express. I wish for it to have seeded in me and to blossom when following my path.

Loads of love

Merel from Holland

Yoga Studio Singing Bowls

December 2013

Dear Liz & Paul. Thank you so much for your kind attention & hospitality over New Year 2013. The stay has allowed me to really relax & help me get ready for the transitions I need to make before returning to the UK.

Thank you once again.

Love Lesley

Yoga Retreat Drive Way

December 2013

Liz & Paul,thank you so much for the most wonderful & enjoyable week. Liz, an amazing yoga teacher-to have a yoga class adapted for me has been great and the benefits in one week! Paul, thank you for the reiki-it has left me feeling more calm and relaxed. As for the food, yum, yum ,yum!! Really such a special place, and one I would highly recommend. A beautiful place & a beautiful couple.

Blessed to have found this place.

Love Tori Ireland. xxx

Casbalnca Driveway

2nd April 2013

Thankyou so much Liz & Paul for a wonderfully relaxing, balancing few days. I was truly stressed before coming out and now feel totally rejuvenated and ready to face the world again!I look forward to repeating the experience next year and enjoying the new pool.... Love and peace to you both.

Julie xx

Casa Blanca Garden View

2nd April 2013

Thankyou very much for a wonderful few days spent at your Yoga Retreat and home. Your warmth and generosity enabled me to experience a holistic, healthy balance of Yoga and Reiki. You have set me back on the path to a healthier lifestyle. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and anyone seeking a genuine personalised Yoga experience. I wish you both warmth and happiness and good fortune for the future.

Namaste Claudia xxx

Spanish Fountain

March 6th 2013.

What a blessing to be welcomed into the home of Paul and Liz. To feel the calm tranquility of this very special place and enjoy the gifts that Paul and Liz have to share. I have achieved more than I could have imagined and imagined more than I would have believed. Thank you both for a truly enriching and healing experience.

Moya xxx



Anderlucian Wood

March 6th 2013.


Back again! I enjoyed even more than last time. Thank you Liz and Paul for sharing your home and all your wonderful gifts and talents with me. I really feel that with you I have found a marvellous place to feel tranquil and restored. I hope to return soon.

Lots of love Molly (Oxford)xxx


Casa blanca marble garden feature

2nd February 2013

As the new web designer for Casa Blanca I thought it would be wise to pay Liz and Paul a visit, even if it was just to see what all the fuss is about! As soon as I arrived, I noticed a profound ambience or as I articulated it at the time a "vibe" around the place. As I walked through the doors I literally got goose bumps... no exaggeration I have witnesses!!! . I have had similar experiences when I have visited places such as Rosalyn Chapel and other religious sites. I found Liz and Paul great company and they have a beautiful home and retreat. Although the web site is still being built, I have strived to convey the bright and happy feeling that I found. I would be happy to personally recommend Casa Blanca.

James Martinez


Tree With Hammock Casa Blanca Yoga Center

28th July 2012

Thank you for a wonderful therapeutic and rejuvenating retreat, Although i practice Reiki myself I was a complete beginner at Yoga. After only two days i have profited so much from liz's expert guidance and incredible patience. From feeling squint and inflexible, I now go away feeling confident, positive and inspired to practice a daily yoga routine, specifically designed to meet my needs. Moreover Paul's powerful reiki sessions have strengthened my own Reiki skills and i definitely feel lighter and more balanced. I look forward to coming again soon and hopefully for a longer period of time.

Love and best wishes Ellie (Germany)


Casa Blanca View Local Area

28th June 2012

Dear Liz and Paul,

I am a Yoga Teacher, staying in Spain for 11 days with a friend. She organised for me to come here to practice my Yoga. I was delighted to find this beautiful retreat and very much enjoyed my class with Liz. The Yoga space has a beautiful view over the mountains and Liz gave me all her attention in a loving and compassionate way. I also loved the meditation and chanting, altogether a very positive experience which I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend. Liz and Paul, wishing you all the best.

All my love Sophie ( London).


Yoga Studio Singing Bowls

2nd March 2012

Dear Liz and Paul,

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. It never occurred to me when I decided to go on a Yoga Retreat as an absolute beginner that I would learn and experience so much. I feel confident now that Yoga will always be part of my life. Reiki has brought me so many benefits and I feel that so much inside has changed. Thank you both also for being such excellent hosts, the food was delicious and the company even better. I very much hope to return.

All my love Molly, Oxford.


Buddah Idol Casa Blanca

2nd March 2012

Dear Paul and Liz.

I am so grateful to have met you both and experienced your love and kindness. This week I have spent with you in your beautiful home in beautiful surroundings has truly been life changing for me. I feel so different to when I first arrived. I feel stronger, more confident and have discovered that Yoga has the power to transform my mind and body. I could never have imagined when I booked to come that I would receive so much attention and nurturing care, delivered by such wise and disciplined Teachers and Therapists. I have been on a powerful personal journey here. I feel so privileged to have experienced Paul's Reiki and his amazing healthy meals, combined with Lizs tailored Yoga programme. I really do not want to leave this magical place but know that when I return into business and stressful reality of city life I will be equipped. I hope to come again and my husband wants to come with me next time!

Thank you so much.

Love Holly, Leeds Yorkshire.


Casa Blanca Doorway

20 November 2011.

Hello Liz, Hello Paul.

First of all we would like to let you know, that it has been a great enrichment in our lives to meet you. The last days with you have been an absolute pleasure and really unforgettable. For us, it has been a travel into ourselves and it is just impossible to find words in our language for what we have experienced. The Retreat in your house has been a completely new experience for us. We will go back home as 2 different people. Thank you very much for the love, kindness and happiness we experienced with you.

May you be blessed in the future.

See you soon. Regards Carmen from Germany (Thuringen)


Upstairs At Casa Blanca

November 2011.

My Mum and I have the tradition to spend a vacation together every year (I have lived abroad for 5 years already & we don't get to spend a lot of time together), so this year we decided for a Yoga Retreat & it was really the best thing we could have done. Before coming here, I expected to have a trip with Mum, some Yoga & experience a little of Andalucia. What I finally got here was: a personalised Yoga programme with an incredible progress (I overcame the fear of some postures that I experienced during the last months); colourful, emotional & moving Reiki sessions; incredible yummy vegetarian food; some great laughs, stories & company during the day; quality time with Mum and all that in a beautifully restored Andalucian house. Is there anything else I could have asked for? I wish you 2 only the best for the future! Thank you so much. I will walk out of here with a flower blooming out of my heart!

Love Janine.(from Germany, living in Barcelona)


Yoga Retreat Entrance Hall

7th October 2011

.As written on the page before, I came here with my sister. Unlike her, I had never practiced Yoga before and I felt a bit uncertain. But just after the first lesson I realized this is what has been missing in my life! I feel relaxed and happy and I am grateful that I have learned and experienced all of this. The love that Liz & Paul put into their work (and therefore in the students) is coming right from their hearts and gives you buckets full of energy. In between they manage to prepare the most delicious meals which I really appreciated as well. I wish them both a long, healthy and happy life & of course a long and happy marriage.

Thank you so much. I hope to meet again.

Lots of love Larissa (Utrecht, Holland)


Casa Blanca Reiki And Yoga Retreat Sitting Room

2nd October-7th October 2011

"Lets do a Yoga holiday", my sister and I said. "Yes, why not". So we looked at the internet and found this little Gem of a place in Spain. "Wow, that must be the one". A bit unprepared, with only 3 months of practice in Holland, I arrived a bit stiff. But 4 days of intense, tailor-made teaching from Liz made me realize I can get better at this and even enjoy it! This with Paul's Reiki calmed me down, and of course the sun, the food, the talks, the laughter made this idea of a Yoga holiday a great reality. Focus on the benefits, not the difficulties.

Hasta luego, amigos.

Gracias. Mascha from Holland (The Hague)


Casa Blanca Dining Room

26th September 2011.

If you love your Yoga as much as I do, this is the place for you. I come here every time I visit Spain, to classes twice a week. You leave wanting to come back time and again. Mind, Body and Soul are united.

Wishing you every happiness and peace in your future life together. Vanessa.


Casa Blanca Traditional Features

22nd September 2011.

My second visit this year has been very enjoyable once again. Thank you both for the excellent food, your kindness and for being so patient and caring. The Yoga and Reiki has made me feel much more balanced, I will definitely be keeping up the Yoga practice and go with the flow a bit more! Thank you also for the very enjoyable day trip. Wishing you lots of happiness in your future lives together, have a wonderful Wedding Day.

Best wishes and with lots of love.

Mags xxxx (Daughter of Krystyna)


Casa Blanca Yoga retreat Southern Spain

22nd September 2011.

Dear Liz and Paul.Thanking you both very much for your hospitality. I enjoyed my Yoga classes very much and my Reiki sessions were very relaxing. All the food was absolutely delicious and very healthy. I have not felt so relaxed for a very long time. You have both been very kind to take us for some very nice trips which we enjoyed very much. Thank you Liz for explaining my Yoga programme clearly, which I will be practicing daily from now on. Thanking you both for being so kind.

Best wishes and lots of happiness for your Wedding Day and the future.

With love from Krystyna from Poland. xxxx


Casbalnca Driveway

August 20th 2011

Dear Liz & Paul

Even more than last year, I so much enjoyed my second visit to your lovely home. My Yoga needed a new impulse, and it sure got it now. Together with Paul's Reiki I feel really, really stronger now, and thank you so much from my heart for all you have given me! I feel more balanced, relaxed and stronger, and with my new Yoga programme I am certain I will keep it up in a positive spirit!

Leontine, The Hague, Netherlands.


Casablnca Yoga Reiki Retreat Terrace

August 9th 2011

With the wonderful combination of the Spanish sun, the Yoga, Reiki, wholesome food and the trips out, my son and I leave here totally rejuvenated and much more balanced. The personal one-to-one experience, with tailor made Yoga and deep-healing Reiki sessions, make this quite a unique retreat. I am so pleased we found you! Liz and Paul, may you have a truly wonderful wedding and holiday later this year, and may the retreat thrive and grow as per your needs and wishes.

Peace, love and blessings to you!

Sharon and Calvin. Leeds, West Yorkshire.


Casa Blanca Garden View

July 15th 2011

To Liz and Paul: Thank you for the wonderful days filled with brilliant Yoga and Reiki classes and your superb food. Your personal attention given to me was far better than I expected, you both are wonderful people. My stay with you really enriched my life.

Love Christina. Sweden.


Marble Feature Casablnca Meditiation Garden

July 6th 2011

Dear Liz and Paul - two of the kindest people I have ever met.

Wow! This really has been an amazing experience, from the moment I arrived I felt at ease with you both, and I want to thank you from my heart for your kindness, compassion, positivity and healing. You are both wonderful, loving individuals and the Yoga and Reiki combined together has helped to release so much and become whole again. Having never tried a Yoga and Reiki retreat before, the results have been astonishing Paul's Reiki was so powerful, healing and relaxing and the tailor-made Yoga programme has within a few days improved my flexibility and posture. This retreat is unique I think, because of the individual attention you receive and the time for self discovery! The tailor-made Yoga programme is something I can take home with me and practice - as well as some of the recipes! All the food has been wonderful, nutritious, healing and wholesome.

Thank you both for everything. I wish you a lot of happiness.

Much love Mags xx


Sit Quietly In Casa Blanca

June 27th 2011

Hi Liz and Paul

I am just e-mailing to thank you both for your kind hospitality and skilled therapies which I enjoyed when I stayed with you both on the retreat. You will be pleased to know that I practiced the asanas Liz taught me before I got ready for work this morning and I was definitely smiling during and after. I also, CANNOT believe the improvement to my shoulder, it is 98% better, astonishing considering I could not move it above waist height just a few days ago. I was not a skeptic, unlike some but I still think the improvement is astonishing. Aside from the shoulder, I do feel so much calmer and more grounded, if only G.Ps could prescribe a few days at Casa Blanca then the world would be a better place, with lots more smiling faces. I hope to be back before the end of the year, but until then, I will refer lots of other people for you to help.

Warmest regards and a huge thank you.

Lyndsey Drysdale.


Spanish Date Palm

April 2nd 2011

The front door opened to my arrival at and the warm welcoming feel and open fire with a thoughtful selection of food set the tone for the whole of my stay with Liz and Paul. My yoga has now had a good service with many points of detail, rectified, and whole new features have been added! Now as I sit here ready to go I do so knowing I made a very wise choice and thecontinuation of the reiki, yoga, food and sun has done me the power of good.

Om Shanti.

Paul Read (England)


Reiki Retreat Local Area

April 1st 2011

There aren't enough pages in this book to express my gratitude to you, Liz & Paul.

I feel rejuvenated after arriving here, tired, stressed and in need of some care, attention and guidance. You have helped me so much, both emotionally and physically to deal with the daily issues in my life. Your attention to detail in everything you do here is heart warming. Whether its the yoga classes, specifically designed for my own personal needs, which gave them such a unique, special quality and helped me to become calmer physically and emotionally or Paul's wonderful reiki, which I know will benefit me for a long time to come, or the tailor made meals, which I absolutely loved or the chatty, entertaining conversations at meal times which tonight resulted in a giggling fit! All this contributed to making my stay here wonderful! You are a fantastic team and I wish you every success with your future projects and an amazing wedding day in October.

Lots of love, Julie. Biebertal, Germany.


Spanish Fountain

March 3rd 2011

We arrived at Casa Blanca as complete beginners and a "little" tired and stressed. A few days later, thanks to Liz´s yoga classes and Paul´s reiki sessions we feel thoroughly relaxed, calmer and better equipped to face everyday life. Having Liz and Paul´s kind undivided attention far exceeded our expectations. Our individual needs were taken into account and made this a truly tailor-made retreat. In addition, the environment and the house contribute to feeling well and peaceful. All the meals were enjoyed to the full, so thank you Paul for the evening meals and Liz for the soups. They were all heart warming and led to interesting conversations. The outing to Sierro was appreciated together with the walk to the top of the village. Thank you Liz for the natural remedies for Eloise´s back and skin. We had a wonderful stay which was exactly what we needed. We shall endeavour to keep up with our yoga programme. We are grateful for all your time and kindness and we hope many more people can experience what we have been through. Very good for self discovery.

Thank you for everything. Bernadette and Eloise (17) Mother and daughter team.

Beauvais France.


Casa Blanca Friends On  Driveway

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